Ornamental Pest Control

Our standard service covers ornamental pests like ants, moths, beetles, mites, and more.  These bugs are very small and are attracted to food and moisture.

Since these animals bite, sting, contaminate food, and inflict damage to property, we understand how urgent it is to get rid of them all.  L&M Pest Control services are exactly what is needed to treat and exterminate these local bugs.

spraying pesticide with portable sprayer to eradicate garden wee

Ant Control

ant piles in yard

Ant colonies can cause major structural damage, consume large quantities of organic material, and pose major health risks to people and animals nearby.  The best way to reduce ant-related issues is by catching and remedying the problem quickly.

L&M Pest Control offers residential and commercial ant control services.  We’ll get rid of your ant problem so you can experience peace of mind.


Mite Control

Mites can quickly turn a pleasant evening in Louisiana into an itchy ordeal. L&M Pest Control is here to ensure you can reclaim your backyard. Following our treatments, mites won’t stand a chance of invading your property. Say goodbye to constant itching and scratching!

L&M Pest Control provides top-notch mite control treatments, allowing you to savor your outdoor space without the nuisance of bites. Schedule Your Mite Consultation Today!

Moth Control

Moth infestations can lead to damage fabrics, allergic reactions, and harm to plants. L&M Pest Control addresses these issues by providing specialized services to eradicate moths. Our experts can identify the specific type of moths causing problems and implement effective ornamental pest control measures.


Beetle Control

Beetle infestations can lead to diverse issues, including structural damage to wood, crop damage, contamination of stored goods, and nuisance infestations in homes and gardens. Some beetles also act as vectors for plant diseases, impacting plant health.

L&M Pest Control offers comprehensive services to identify and address beetle-related problems, implementing effective pest control measures tailored to the specific beetle species involved. Safeguard your property from the diverse challenges posed by beetles—contact L&M Pest Control for expert assistance and tailored solutions.

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The go Above and beyond. Me and my family has a new pest control company.

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